Installing Microsoft Office

This article will walk you through installation of the Microsoft Office Suite, provided free by KVCC to all students.

If you are a high school student enrolled in a KVCC course that is taught at your high school, you will not be able to use the desktop version of the Office 365 Suite and must instead use the web version at


  1. Navigate to

If the above link doesn’t work, try this one:

  1. Sign in with your KVCC email address

  2. After Office loads, click on the Install Apps dropdown near the top-right of the page


  3. Select Microsoft 365 Apps from the list


  4. Once the file downloads, open it


  5. If prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”, choose Yes. If you are not signed into an Administrator account you may be asked to provide an administrator’s login credentials.


  6. Wait for Microsoft 365 to install


  7. Once installation is finished, you’ll get a notification and the installer will reflect this and allow you to close it


  8. You can find the newly installed Microsoft 365 apps in the Start Menu